Paint Loss


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There was a period in the 19th century when quite a number of stained glass  studios were experimenting with different low-fire glass paint formulas that ultimately proved unsuccessful and have left us with a problem of which we need to be acutely aware.  Harsh cleaning methods can strip a window of painted detail leaving behind ghost-like images of what was once there.

The black trace lines were stripped from this window by contractors utilising inappropriate cleaning methods.

This low fire glass paint has also proven to be soluble in water over time and it is imperative that windows are maintained in a water tight condition to avoid losing the glass paint.

In this window water leaking through the degraded leadlight cement has dissolved the glass paint.

Our skilled artisans are able to seamlessly touch up the missing detail with cold acrylic paint but it will never be as permanent as properly fired vitreous glass paint.  Prevention, in the form of regular maintenance and screening of suitable contractors is the only way of maintaining the integrity of the original art work.